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Prana Healing Crystals Store Is Now Closed

      I sold out of crystals and decided to close up the store. It was time for me to move on to other projects. But don't despair, you'll still be able to find a great crystal healing tool. Below I've provided some valuable information that will help you to make a wise and educated decision on how to choose and locate the perfect Pranic Healing crystal for you. This includes what to look for in choosing a quality crystal, what to avoid, how to not get ripped off, and where to buy one. I have also included links and contact information to make it easy for you to get your crystal wand repaired or even add a gold rod to it and make it into a gold laser. Just scroll down. 

Natural Quartz Crystal vs. Lab Grown

Most of the easy to reach, great quality quartz crystal has already been mined. The remaining quartz mines are found in Brazil, China, and parts of the United States. Electronic manufactures in the 40's, and 50's used a lot of the easy to find natural quartz crystals to make all sorts of products. During World War II they needed crystals to make radios and other electronic equipment for the war effort. When the supply of good quality quartz crystals began to run low, they realized that they needed an alternative. 

     Experiments in growing crystals began way back in 1845 on a small scale. During the early 1940's crystals use rose dramatically because it was needed for production of radios and other electronic equipment for the war effort. Bell Labs began to experiment with ways to produce synthetic crystals in high enough quantities for production purposes. They perfected the process around 1956. After that, they were then able to produce all the crystal stock they needed without having to mine it anymore.

     Since then natural crystal prices have remained high and recently they've gone up even more. Because of this, some unscrupulous semi-precious stone suppliers have begun to manufacture and sell synthetic crystals in place of the real ones. Some of them have started to use lab grown crystals to make healing wands and other healing crystal tools. They think they can get away with it because it is so hard to tell them from the real thing.

      Synthetic crystals are great for radios and costume jewelry, but not so great for energy healers. There's just something about the way a natural crystal grows (over a long long time) that causes it to absorb and release Pranic energy much more effectively. Also natural crystals hold their 'charge' much longer than synthetic. That's why you should insist that the wand you buy is made from natural crystal material.

Inclusions or Natural Defects

      An inclusion is material trapped within the body of a crystal which is different from the host crystal. Inclusions are usually minerals that form when the crystal grows, but they can also be water, gas, petroleum, or even organic material. Internal fractures may be caused by stress or external pressure while the crystal was forming. These are called inclusions by those in the crystal business.

     You will find that most naturally grown crystals have some inclusions. Some will have lots of inclusions and look cloudy while others are more clear and pure. When it comes to making Pranic Healing Crystal Wands, Extractors, and Disintegrators the more clear and pure the crystal material, the more powerful the tool. Unfortunately it's becoming harder and harder to find really good quality clear natural crystal healing material and that drives up the price of materials used to make the best healing crystals.

     Generally speaking the more clear and free of inclusions your crystal healing tools are the more powerful they will be. The reason for this is that inclusions tend to deflect and reduce the Pranic energy flowing through them. For instance, inclusions that run the length of a crystal wand are less of a problem with deflecting energy than inclusions that run across the width of the wand. 

Which crystal wand should I buy?

    First of all you need to take a few things into consideration: How often are you going to use it, how severe are the illnesses you intend to treat, and how much you can afford. 

      A) Clear quartz is the preferred material for healing wands used by most Pranic Healers. It is the most versatile material allowing you to project any color you want with it. Amethyst wands project violet colored prana and can be useful for psychological healings. Rose quartz wands, while not as powerful as clear quartz, work well for energizing. The energy rose quartz projects is softer and easier for the client to absorb. I have always used a separate rose quartz wand for energizing. That way I can use my clear quartz wand for cleaning only. 

      B) The higher the quality of quartz wand you are using, the faster you can do your healing work, and it may help your clients recovery time as well. Clear high quality wands require less cleaning, are safer to use, and hold a consecration charge longer. However, they also are more expensive. Suggestion: If you're only going to do one or two healings a month, then a wand with more inclusions is fine. If you plan on doing a lot of Pranic Healing work, then think long term and buy the best wand you can afford, you won't regret it.

      C) Most of the clear quartz crystal material used to make wands today will have some minor defects called inclusions in it. It is rare to find a quartz crystal wand that is perfectly clear. The clear ones are the most powerful and of course the most expensive. 

     Inclusions that run along the length of the quartz crystal wand will have less effect on the performance of the tool than inclusions that run from side to side. For some, having inclusions in their wand, give them confidence that the wand they are using is made from natural quartz.  Suggestion: Buy the cleanest wand you can afford. If it has inclusions make sure they are minor and they run in the direction of the length of the wand.

     D) MCKS tested many different types of wands before coming to the conclusion that a single point round bottom 18 sided Vogal wand was the best choice for Pranic Healing work. 

Dual pointed wands leak energy out both ends so if you're using it for healing a client you can end up getting yourself contaminated with dirty prana. To use a dual point wand for self-healing, simply direct one end at yourself and the other end at the saltwater bowl. 

     E)  Master Choa Kok Sui recommends using an 18 sided wands for pranic healing work. That makes 18 sided wands more desirable and so they cost more money. However, it has been my experience that using any crystal wand, regardless of the number of sides is better than using your hands for healing. 

     F) When comparing wands of equal clarity, the larger the diameter of the wand, the more Pranic energy will flow through it. A straight wand (the same diameter throughout) will project an even amount of Prana while a tapered wand (larger diameter round end) will increase the intensity of the Pranic energy as it travels down the wand. The same is true with the point of the wand. Long tapered points intensify the pranic energy while a duller point project softer energy. 

      The length of the wand is only important with regards to the comfort of the person holding it. However, you want to be sure to buy a wand that is long enough so that your palm or fingers won't accidentally cover round end when you are using it. 

     G) Gold Lasers are crystal wands that have a gold rod uslually with a 'button' head (like a nail) that is drilled and glued into the round end of the wand. MCKS recommends using 18 kart gold for the rod insert. The gold rod intensifies the normal pranic energy flowing through the wand and colors that energy gold. These are the most powerful Pranic Healing wands available and are worth the investment if you are doing a lot of heavy healing work like AID's or cancer. 

      Bottom line; if you are doing a lot of Pranic healings, and you can afford a gold laser, then by all means get one. Otherwise get the biggest, cleanest wand that you can afford and that you are comfortable holding. Most women like smaller wands in the 80 gram to 120 gram range. Most men like a larger wands in the 120 to 250 gram range. However, keep in mind that a 200+ gram wand may stroke you ego, but after doing a bunch of healings 3-4 straight hours its going to feel pretty heavy. So at that point a huge wand might not seem like such a good idea. Only you can make that decision. 

      If you're making your purchase from a supplier who hasn't had the wand check to make sure it's made from natural quartz material then you should get it checked yourself by a certified gemologist. There's no point in trying to do Pranic Healings with a piece of glass. 

Scroll down to the Resources section for the contact information for Charles Carmonia G.I.A.

udget, any clear quartz wand (even one with lots of inclusions) is better than using your hands for dong Pranic Healings. So get yourself a quartz crystal wand and start practicing. 

Scroll down and check out my recommended crystal sellers in the Resources section.


     Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there about how to properly use and care for crystals and crystal healing tools. Without the proper training you run the risk of getting a crystal wand for your healing practice and not getting the full use out of it or worse hurting yourself or others with it. Training in how to care for, charge up, clean and then use your crystals wand may be more important than how pure the wand is or how much it costs. 

     At the very least you should buy and read "Pranic Crystal Healing" by Master Choa Kok Sui. And if you haven't already done so, I strongly recommend you take a Pranic Crystal Healing Course taught by a qualified Pranic Healing teacher. This course is very thorough and full of great information on how to care for and use your crystal tools. You will also learn which colored crystals work best on what part of the body and why some crystal jewelry is better to wear than other others for personal energy protection, etc. The best part about the class is that the information being taught is based on measured scientific testing and the real experiences of Pranic Healers and not on somebody’s guess as to what the properties of a crystal are. 

Protecting Your Crystal Healing Tools

     You've just spent a few hundred dollars on a beautiful Pranic Healing crystal wand. Your shipment arrives and it feels like Christmas morning. You can't wait to open the box and check out your new wand. You're thinking about how great the crystal wand looked in the pictures you saw of it on your computer monitor when you ordered it. Will it look like the pictures on the website? How will it feel in your hand? How clear is it? How much Prana will it project when you use it for healing? 

     You open the box, reach down inside and there it is, safely packed in bubble wrap. You know that the first thing you'll need to do is soak it in salt water to clean any unwanted energies that it may have picked up during shipping. Crystals seem to attract positive and negative energies automatically. You unwrap your wand from the bubble wrap and admire it's natural beauty for a few moments. The wand is just perfect, just what you wanted. So you take it over to the sink where your saltwater bowl is waiting. Just before you get over the bowl it slips out of your hand and crashes into the sink, breaking off the tip. Yikes!

     I didn't make up this story, it actually happened to me. It's hard to explain how upset and frustrated I was at that moment (and for a long time afterward actually). It cost me about $60 to get the tip fixed but doing so shortened the wand a bit. And even though I liked the wand, I couldn't keep it. Every time I picked it up it reminded me of that day, so I sold it to a friend. I'm telling you this story because I it's a good example of how fragile healing crystal wands can be. 

     Make sure you protect the tip of your crystal wand with some kind of tip protector. A piece of rubber or plastic tubing works very well for this. Rubber, silk and leather block Pranic energy. So you can protect your wand from negative energy by keeping it in one or more bags or containers that are made out of these materials. 

     Crystals are about as fragile as glass but can be much more expensive. Crystal balls can bump into each other or other crystals and chip or crack. The points on extractors can get chipped or broken. Ask anybody who owns a pranic healing disintegrator how easy it is to ruin it by breaking off the tip. They say an 'ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. So protect your investment. 


Where to buy your crystals.

NOTE: I want to warn you: There are Pranic Healers out there who think the wand that they are currently using is made out of natural crystal, but it's not. Best case scenario it's made out of man made crystal, worst case it's made out of glass. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure the person who you buy your crystals from is having them checked by a gemologist or get it checked yourself. Make sure your wand made from natural quartz material. 

1) Master Steven Co sells crystal wands, disintegrators, and many other Pranic Healing products at events and classes he holds all over the world as well as on his website; http://pranichealing.com/. From a karmic standpoint this is a good place to buy a crystal wand since your money goes to a good cause; to further the growth of Pranic Healing. From what I understand, Master Co has all his crystals checked by a gemologist before he sells them. 

From his website: 'Master Stephen Co is a senior disciple and personal student of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the founder of PRANIC HEALING®. He and his wife, Daphne, started the first PRANIC HEALING® center outside of the Philippines, the U.S. Pranic Healing Center/American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC, in Chino, California, to promote and teach PRANIC HEALING® in the United States.'

For more information contact:

American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC
6251 Schaefer Ave. Unit C
Chino, CA 91710
Toll Free: (888) 470-5656 or (909) 548-0884
Fax : (909) 548-0886

2) Carlos Costa Crystals

From his website: Master Choa Kok Sui experimented with Carlos Costa to create natural healing crystals to work through the scientific application of Pranic Healing and the applied sciences of the Energetic Body. Carlos has some of the best crystals available. Also some of the highest prices.

For more information contact:

Carlos Costa Crystals


642 NW 5th Ave #B404 Miami, FL

33136, USA

Call us: +1 646 216 4800176

3) Prana Crystals has been around for over 10 years and sells a wide variety of Pranic Healing crystal products. My only problem with them is that the pictures of their products don't always match what they send you. Before you buy, ask them to send you a picture of the wand you're interested in just to make sure it's what you want. They ship all there products from India.

For more information contact:


Prana Crystals

505, Mashayak Towers, 

Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad – West,

Mumbai – 400064, Maharashtra,


Phone :  +91 9987061120 or

+91 22 66781335



4) Prana World is a unique website. More like a blog than a store they do have a couple of crystal wands for sale. However there is A LOT of interesting information about all things Pranic Healing on this site in the form of short stories and articles. 

This from their 'Our Story' page: "PranaWorld.net is all about contributing to the spread of  MCKS Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. We welcome any new ideas, comments, contributions and supports with open arms to create a cozy community for all". 

Take a minute and check out this website, I think you're going to like it. 

For more information contact:

Prana World

A-3-3, Centrio Pantai Hillpark,

Bangsar South

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 2742 1550

+6014 739 8578


5) Hemal Crystals has a large selection of Pranic Healing crystal wands. You'll find lots of cheap wands on their webstie that are either very small or have lots of inclusions. There are however a few nice ones as well. I have no idea if their wands are made from natural quartz material but their prices are good. So if you're low on funds or on a budget you can still get a Pranic Healing wand here. 

Suggestion: Get it checked by a gemologist before you use it.

For more information contact: 


301 Sai Empire

Above Hotel Regalia

Next to ICICI Bank

Baner Road, Baner

Pune 411 045

+91 99700 59939

+91 97666 38685

6) I don't know anything about Golden Crystals or Rocky Patel. On his website you watch a youtube video of his wands and then order from a list of numbers that match the wand on the video. No measurements or weights for the wands he sells are provided.

For more information contact:

Golden Crystals

Rocky Patel




That's it for my list of crystal sources. If you know of other Pranic Healing crystal suppliers, please send me an email and tell me about them and I'll add them to this list.


Get your crystal wand repaired here

1) Edward Andonia is a student of Master Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co and works with crystals. Edward is a very nice man who has been a big help to me with answering my many questions about the crystal business. Edward is my go to guy for fixing chipped or broken tipped wands. He also sells some top quality Pranic Healing jewelery and other jewelery items as well. And he now offers the following wonderful service; he will take your crystal wand, drill  out the round end and insert a gold rod in it for you. So you can have a gold laser for much less money than buying one already made. I highly recommended Edward Andonia.
510 W. 6th St. Suite 318
LA, CA 90014
Phone: (213) 623-5954 or (800) 624-5954
Fax: (213) 234-4564
E-mail: edwardand@earthlink.net

2) Carlos Costa also fixes broken wand tips. See Carlos Costa Crystals above.

3) Rocky Patel can also get your crystal wand tip repaired. See Golden Crystals above. 

Is my crystal wand really made from naural quartz material?

Want to know for sure if your crystal wand is the real deal? Send it to gemologist Charles Carmona G.I.A. in Los Angelse California to have it checked. He'll let you know one way or the other. 

Guild Laboratories president Charles Carmona, GG ASA has built this reputation by delivering fair and impartial valuation reports and consultation backed by decades of research and appraisal experience. Since 1980, Guild Laboratories, in Los Angeles, CA has been the most relied upon source for securing expert gemstone grading, gem identification and independent appraisal and valuation for diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and currency. If you're concerned about your wands quality, you can send it to Charles to have him analyze it for a reasonable fee. Sometimes Charles goes out of the country on business. So give him a call before you send him your wand and make sure he's there.

550 South Hill St. Suite 1188

LA, CA 90013

Phone: (213) 624-2114

Email: cicarmona@aol.com


The Official Pranic Healing World Headquarters Website

Located in the Philippines, this is where Pranic Healing began and it's still headquartered there. There is a lot of information about Pranic Healing on their website so if you're looking into to Pranic healing and what it can do for you, this is a great place to start.  

Website link: Official Pranic Healing Website 

To find Pranic healers or teachers near you, the following is a link to contact information for most of the Pranic Healing organizations throughout the world:

Website link: http://www.globalpranichealing.com/

Teachers of Pranic Healing

There are lots of qualified Pranic Healing teachers out there. But I want to highlight the two Pranic Healing teachers that helped me the most with my training. I am very grateful to know both of them.

1) Master Steven Co 

Master Co is without a doubt one of the best Pranic Healing teachers in the world. His classes are never boring and he always gives you more information than you were expecting. The other nice thing is he keeps his answers to your questions within the subjects that he knows and teaches. If you ask a question that is outside of what Pranic Healing teaches, he will tell you he doesn't know and wisely NOT make up an answer. He also shows great respect and reverence for MCKS and his teachings keeping a humble persona. 


2) Kei Okubo 

I have taken 3 Pranic Healing classes with Kei. She is a very patient and kind person and I highly recommend her as a teacher and Pranic Healer.
Kei Okubo is a personal student of Master Stephen Co and was also taught by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui between 2001 and 2007 in India, Malaysia and the U.S.  She is a Certified MCKS Pranic Healing Instructor and regularly provides free introductory lectures focusing on self Pranic Healing® techniques for improving health and relationship, and Meditation on Twin Hearts at community centers, hospitals and universities.  She also teaches MCKS Pranic Healing® classes in California and in the Republic of China/Taiwan.  She worked for Riverside County Department of Mental Health and Probation Departments for 22 years while also teaching massage therapy and MCKS Pranic Healing. 



Master Choa Kok Sui

Who Is Grand Master Choa Kok Sui?

Who started the Pranic healing movement? Who is Master Choa Kok Sui? Master Choa Kok Sui or ‘MCKS’ (also referred to as Grand Master Choa Kok Sui 'GMCKS') (1952-2007) is the beloved modern day founder of the ‘Pranic Healing’ movement as well as the founder of the ‘Arhatic Yoga System’. He is also a well know author of many books on Pranic Healing and other spiritual books as well. 

To the outside world MCKS was a trained Chemical Engineer and successful businessman. However, in his private life he spent his time studying esoteric spiritual and healing subjects, later focusing on the teachings of great saint Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling. After over 30 years of intense study and experimentation he developed a system of healing he called ‘Pranic Healing’ and wrote the book ‘Miracles Through Pranic Healing’ which was published in 1987 and is still a best seller. Translated into 27 languages and distributed to over 40 countries it is the first ‘text book’ you will need to buy in order to learn basic Pranic Healing.

Although he intended to only write one book on the subject of healing, later it became clear that one book was not enough. So over the years many more followed. Books with titles such as: ‘Advanced Pranic Healing’, ‘Pranic Psychotherapy’, ‘Pranic Crystal Healing’, The Chakras and Their Functions’, etc. On the spiritual side, he compiled a wide variety of spiritual teachings and subjects into books like; ‘The Spiritual Essence of Man’, ‘Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul’, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, etc. 

MCKS was a highly evolved soul, a blessing to planet earth, who was driven to establish the healing and spiritual modalities that we know today as Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Through his tireless research and unbounded energy he blazed a trail for energy healers and spiritual aspirants to follow. The bread crumbs he left are in the form of his books and teachings. Even though the spiritual and energy healing organizations he founded continue to grow in popularity, his loving presence is sorely missed. He is still honored today by all who know of him with the title ‘Grand Master'.

What is Pranic Healing?

So what is this Pranic Healing anyways? Pranic Healing is a no-touch advanced energy healing system. The Pranic Healer uses Prana or life force energy to help their clients heal faster, reduce pain, increase energy and even let go of addictions. The healing sessions can be done in person or even over great distances by use of the trained Pranic healer’s powerful intention and by their following strict training protocols. 

Prana is everywhere in our physical world. The sun, the air, the earth, water, even our physical body has life force or Prana in it. Most people aren't aware of Prana, but energy healers become more sensitive to the subtle forces. With the right training energy healers can manipulate Prana to help humans, animals, even plants heal more efficiently.

Have you ever heard of Medical Qigong or Ki healing, Psychic healing, Vitalic healing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Laying of hands? All these techniques use Prana energy. Even though they may call the energy they use by another name, it’s all Prana. With all due respect to these other healing modalities, my personal opinion is Pranic Healing is by far the best and most efficient way to facilitate energy healing. That is in a large part due to the carefully laid out and complete training program that Grand Master Choa Kok Sui left for us as well as the important books on healing and spiritually that he wrote on the subject. 

The general goal of a Pranic Healer is to achieve a balance of prana in the subject’s body. Too much or too little Prana will lead to imbalance and eventually sickness and disease. By working alongside orthodox medicine (with your doctor’s permission), Pranic Healers are able to balance Prana in a patient’s body and help facilitate and accelerate the healing process. Pranic Healers follow carefully laid out procedures that have been tested and found to be the most efficient ways to achieve the healer’s goal of good health for their clients. 

Pranic Healer’s can also help you release psychological issues that a client may be dealing with. Again, Pranic Psychotherapy needs to be done alongside conventional therapy and of course with your doctor’s permission. Pranic Psychotherapy works on hidden issues and causes of psychological disorders that may take years to uncover using conventional methods. 

Much of the work done in a Pranic healing session involves cleaning a client’s aura and chakras. The client’s aura and chakras need to be cleaned first before the Pranic Healer energizes a diseased area of the body or dirty Prana may be introduced where it’s not wanted. Novice Pranic Healers are taught to use their hands when working on a client or on themselves. Using your hands is okay, but there are some drawbacks when compared to using a round bottom Pranic Healing crystal wand. First, it can take 2-3 times longer to complete the healing session. Second, when you are using your hands to clean your client’s energy systems, some of their dirty Prana can become lodged in your hands and arms. A crystal wand acts as a subtle energy collector and projectors and so insulates you from their energy. Third, using a crystal wand allows much more Prana flow to your client, so it will help your client to heal faster and that’s always good. Anyone who has been properly trained in Pranic Crystal Healing and begins to use a crystal wand usually never wants to go back to using their hands again. Using a crystal wand is so much safer and more efficient than using your hands for healing.

What is Prana?

Prana is just another name for life force energy. Prana is everywhere in our physical world. The sun, the air, the earth, even the water has life force or Prana in it. Most people aren't aware of Prana, but energy healers become more sensitive to the subtle forces. With the right training energy healers can manipulate Prana to help humans, animals, even plants heal more efficiently. 

Why Quartz Crystals?

Let’s talk about quartz crystal and why you'll want to use it in your Pranic Healing practice. Unlike rocks and stones that were formed when the earth's crust cooled, natural quartz crystals are sort of living rocks in that they actually grow, be it very slowly. Quartz is the second most abundant material found in the earth’s outer crust (2nd to basic rocks). There are a lot of different types and colors of quartz crystals. In a perfect environment, quartz crystals will grow into the shape of something like a large pencil, six sided and with a point at one or both ends. 

Do you use your hands to do your healing work?

Quartz has the unique ability to store, release, and magnify energy, especially Pranic energy. It performs these tasks based on the intention, training, and spiritual development of the energy healer using the tool. Under the right circumstances a trained Pranic Healer can 'charge up' a clear quartz wand or other tool and get about 100 times or more power from it than it had in its natural state. Using a quartz crystal wand for cleaning dirty prana from a client is safer than using your hands because the crystal absorbs most of the dirty energy keeping it off your hands and arms. That means doing healings with one of these wands or other crystal tools is much easier and safer than using just your hands.

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Prana Healing Crystals Store is Now Closed

I sold my last crystal wand on November 23rd 2017 and decided to close the store. It's been a lot of fun doing this for the past 4 and 1/2 years, but it was time to move on to other projects. This website will remain up for awhile so that Pranic Healers can find the information they need to make informed decisions about buying crystal healing tools. Prana Healing Crystals is still serving the Pranic Healing community, just in a different way now. 

I invite your comments and suggestions for how to improve the site and any recommendations you may have for sources of crystal healing tools not already listed in the Resources section. 

Thank you! 

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